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by Adam Henry, on Oct 20, 2023 12:22:48 PM

Before you rent an industrial sweeper or autoscrubber, ask about leasing instead. If you plan to use the equipment for 12 months or more, a monthly lease payment can be …

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Topics:Finance and LeasingIndustrial Cleaning

by Adam Henry, on Jul 21, 2023 10:57:00 AM

Logistics might be best summed up as the art of getting material from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. With standardized pallets, this can be a relatively …

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by Adam Henry, on Apr 7, 2023 9:59:19 AM

Cleaning warehouses or industrial areas can seem overwhelming when tackled with inefficient equipment like a mop and bucket. Thankfully, there’s a better way. Powerboss industrial cleaning equipment saves you time …

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Topics:Industrial Cleaning

by Adam Henry, on Sep 30, 2022 8:15:00 AM

The human body is a pretty incredible machine. It’s full of organs, each working as a team to keep us up and running. Yet, sometimes those organs don’t always perform …

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Topics:Forklift MaintenanceAerial Equipment

by Adam Henry, on Sep 2, 2022 11:11:00 AM

If you have ever experienced the incredible pain of stepping bare-footed on a lego, you know the value of a clean floor. Keeping your warehouse floors clean and dry is …

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Topics:Industrial Cleaning

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