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It's time to take a second look at electric forklifts.

Fewer Breakdowns

Better ROI

 More Environmentally Friendly


If you haven’t considered electric forklifts because of outdated information, you’re stuck with:

  • Air, noise, and environmental pollution.
  • Gas and propane costs.
  • Frequent servicing.
  • Lower ROI over the lifetime of the machine.

The good news:

Advancements in Toyota’s technology and engineering make electric forklifts the smarter choice for most applications.
  • Just as powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • More cost-effective 

We can help you decide if electric is best for you.

When you work with us, you get:

Real Data

If you’ve heard electric forklifts lacked power and the batteries are a pain, man, do we have updates for you!

Real Insight

Toyota's technology has advanced, and electric forklifts are more user-friendly, easier to operate, and maintain.

Real ROI

We crunch numbers to make sure you’re getting the best return on investment possible on your new forklift.

Going green is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be painful.

We can help.

We serve 10 locations throughout Georgia & Florida where our team has all the knowledge and tools to help you determine if electric forklifts are right for your operation.

"The gas fumes and noise coming from our old diesel forklift was getting to be overwhelming. Southern States Toyotalift helped us determine that a Toyota electric forklift would fit our needs, and they were right! We are really impressed with the efficiency of our new truck. No more air pollution or loud noise. It is also more powerful than expected. I am confident we made the right purchase.”

Tom C. 
Plant Manager

“We had an internal combustion forklift which needed frequent service. Our old IC truck needed to be retired. Now we have a new Toyota electric forklift. So far, we’ve had no breakdowns and with fewer service intervals. My team is efficient, and I’ve saved money - it’s a win-win!”

Heath K.
Operations Manager

“We needed a forklift to safely maneuver narrow aisles and lift up to 3,700 lbs. Southern States Toyotalift recommended a stand-up electric forklift for our narrow aisle and lifting needs. This electric truck performs well and and always runs when we need it. I highly recommend Toyota electric forklifts.”

Jim S.
Dir. of Operations

Going electric is the future.

Make it yours.

You can be known as a company who cares about sustainability and their carbon footprint by running powerful electric forklifts that can do any job comparable to an internal combustion forklift.

Toyota’s innovations and constant attention to quality give you the best forklift options today.


With huge incentives on the table, now is the time to make the switch to Toyota electric forklifts.

Here's how:


Schedule an evaluation.

We visit your site and put together a thorough evaluation to give you confidence in your decision.


We help you choose.

We use the evaluation results to help you decide if an electric forklift is right for you.


Start saving green by going green. 

With the reduced operation and maintenance cost of electric forklifts, you’ll save time, money, and get more done.

Fill Out the Form to Get Evaluation

Now is the time to make the switch to Toyota electric forklifts. 

Old misconceptions about electric forklifts shouldn’t be the reason you're stuck thinking internal combustion is your only option. You deserve the most current info and REAL data on capability, ROI, and ease of use.

Our team has the knowledge and tools to help you quickly determine if switching to electric makes sense for you. After our free custom evaluation you’ll see real data for potential performance improvements and savings for your business once you make the switch. With available rebates, tax credits, and incentive programs – you’ll have nothing to hold you back!


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Take the first step and schedule an evaluation. 

Get the support of our team for a seamless transition to electric equipment.

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