Get forklift issues off your plate

Get forklift issues off your plate. 

We’ll take care of it, with a comprehensive service plan that keeps your forklifts working, so you can too.

Fewer Breakdowns

Lower Expenses

Less Hassle

When unexpected forklift breakdowns happen, production stops.

When unexpected breakdowns happen:

  • Production stops.
  • Your focus shifts.
  • You have to deal with repairs or replacements. 
  • You find out "cheap" is actually costing you.

You buy equipment to get the job done.
It should never be the reason you can’t.

You deserve a partner that not only prevents breakdowns before they happen, but works to give you:

Guaranteed Up-Time

No other service provider promises this. They make money when your equipment breaks. We keep your equipment working so you can too.

Major Cost Savings

Top-quality planned maintenance means repair, rental, and replacement costs go down. When your forklifts are efficient, so is your warehouse.

A Safer Warehouse

Unserviced forklifts can cause costly inventory damage, but staff are more likely to be injured using a forklift that’s not working properly too, causing a massive expense.

We know you hate thinking about forklifts

Our clients used to feel the same way, and they used to think all service providers were the same.

Here’s what they know now: Southern States Toyotalift is different. Our plans go beyond bare minimum maintenance. They protect your equipment, guarantee up-time for your warehouse, and keep your forklifts working, so you can too.

"We even got rid of our backup truck, so that was a huge savings. We're on the complete care plan, so if we do have a breakdown, we get a free rental from SST so we can keep moving, while ours is being repaired.”

Tom C. 
Plant Manager

“After we signed up for the complete protection plan, I never have to think about our forklifts. SST just comes on a schedule and maintains the equipment we need to run our warehouse.”

Heath K.
Operations Manager

"Once we moved from a break-fix mentality to being proactive with our equipment service, we have fewer disruptions. This has resulted in more on-time shipments and happier customers"

Jim S.
Dir. of Operations

Which Service Plan is Best For You?

Most forklift problems are preventable. Get the plan that protects you against them. 

Basic Protection
Best for low usage.
Extra Protection
Best for medium usage. 
Complete Protection
Best for heavy or constant usage.

Ask us about our Uptime Guarantee

Here's how it works

Follow these steps to prevent breakdowns before they happen.


You get a plan.

Based on the type of equipment, hours of usage and application, we've got options for you. 


We get to work.

Our certified technicians care for your equipment on a convenient planned schedule, instead of waiting for issues to happen and production to stop.


You quit worrying about forklifts. 

Your equipment keeps running and doing its job, so you can do yours. 

A Toyota forklift should only be trusted to genuine Toyota parts and service. 

The other guys’ planned maintenance? A quick in and out that leaves you vulnerable.

Ours? A comprehensive service that protects you, your equipment, your operation.

Sounds more expensive right? Nope. Not in the long run.

We’ve saved our customers hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars just by keeping their forklift fleet healthy.

A Toyota forklift should only be trusted to genuine Toyota service.

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Take the first step and get a plan. 

And stop thinking about forklifts.