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Telematics for your forklift fleet

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Optimize the performance of your fleet. Accessible reporting, actionable insights, and our partnership all come together to help you increase safety, improve productivity, and maximize profits.

Track Your Fleet

Whether you are operating a single location or a multi-location national fleet, we offer solutions to provide visibility to your fleet at all times.

Track Your Costs

Optimize your Total Cost of Ownership by ensuring 1st Fix Rates, Planned Maintenance, and real-time insights on Cost Per Hour.

Track Your Trends

Gain insights on Pre-Shift Checklists, Authorized Operators, Impact Alerts, and more. Fleet Management helps you make decisions based on facts.

Solutions, Service, and Support – Success is NOT Accidental.


Optimizing your fleet goes far beyond installing tracking devices. You also have to know what to do with the information you receive. An experienced partner can help you leverage data to develop policies and procedures to run a more efficient, profitable business.

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