Forklift Fleet Management - 3 Success Stories

by Tony Reeves, on May 6, 2020 6:02:45 PM

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There's a right way and a wrong way to manage fleet costs. For example, skipping maintenance and inspections creates high dollar repairs. 
As the case studies below illustrate, the best way to cut costs is by identifying and eliminating waste. It’s a fundamental principle of lean logistics, and the smart way to do business.

Fleet Management Success Stories

Here are some short case studies featuring real Southern States Toyotalift (SST) customers in Georgia and Florida who saved money by investing in fleet management. The examples are brief because we know your time is valuable. If you’d like more detailed information, please contact us online or by phone (800) 226-2345).

Finding the Right-Sized Fleet in Florida

A very large juice manufacturer had a fleet of 75 lift trucks in their processing and packaging facilities. After tracking fleet utilization and availability over a few months, SST’s analysis revealed the manufacturer could downsize to only 50 forklifts. The company reduced their fleet, replaced high-cost units, and ultimately lowered overall costs by 50 percent.

A Small Change Makes a Big Difference

A marketing products manufacturer in Clearwater, Florida had one forklift with significantly higher hours than others in their fleet. A site survey found the unit in question moved product from one building to another throughout the day. Adding a single double attachment allowed the operator to transport two pallets every cycle instead of one. Thanks to SST’s fleet management team, this company doubled operator productivity while lowering equipment costs.

We Won’t Sell You a Forklift - or Anything Else - You Don’t Need

After reviewing a customer’s fleet report, we noticed utilization had dropped significantly for all units. They were on a Total Care maintenance program with an allowance of 2,000 hours per year, so we contacted the business owner and shared this information.

After talking with the customer, we learned their production had changed dramatically. We reduced their plan hours and cut their monthly maintenance fees in half - saving them about $8,000/year. How many companies are this transparent?

If you want to uncover hidden costs, schedule a consultation today.

As these case studies illustrate, making small changes and uncovering hidden money leaks can make a massive, positive impact on your bottom line. Fleet analysis can also help you:

  • Know if have too many or too few forklifts
  • Tie expenses to productivity
  • Evaluate fleet costs by location, department, operator, or unit
  • Know when to repair versus replace units
  • Choose the best lease or maintenance plan for your operation
  • Create a plan to navigate the next economic downturn
  • Make better decisions about long-term capital planning
  • Gain a competitive edge

Good data is the basis of good decision making. We've helped hundreds of customers collect and analyze their fleet data, finding ways to increase utilization and lower costs.

Some forklift dealers only want to sell you a forklift. At Southern States Toyotalift, our goal is to help you run a more profitable business.

Let’s work together. Contact us online or by phone at (800) 226-2345.

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