SST Optimize Your Forklift Fleet and Maximize Profitability

Optimize Your Forklift Fleet and Maximize Profitability


Take Control of Material Handling Expenses

Fleet costs are a major expense for most material handling operations. By maximizing the ROI of your fleet, you can make massive gains in profitability.

Schedule a free consultation with our analytics team so you can:

  • Pinpoint profit leaks
  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Learn strategic fleet procurement options
  • Discover ways to immediately increase productivity
  • Gain a comprehensive picture of material handling costs
  • Increase team member accountability
  • Fuel growth with data-driven decisions

Uncover Hidden Profit Opportunities

SST Blog - Forklift Fleet Management - 3 Success Stories

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Short success stories from customers in Georgia and Florida who reduced operational expenses and improved productivity.

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SST Blog - Is Your Forklift Fleet Robbing You Blind

Plug Money Leaks

Reducing fleet costs can significantly improve profitability, but the reverse is also true. Here are the most common “hidden” money leaks.

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Free Whitepaper

Learn why many fleets overspend on fleet repairs and how data analysis can identify expensive mistakes.

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Don't Leave Profits on the Table

Fragmented data can conceal true cost of ownership. Our analytics team will compile information on your equipment utilization, downtime, repair costs, etc. and assemble it into a comprehensive report.

Gain a clear picture of your fleet costs and discover areas where you may be overspending. Take the first step to a safer, more productive and more profitable operation by scheduling a free consultation.

Are You Overspending on Fleet Repairs?

We analyzed more than 40,000 forklift service records from fleets large and small. Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Is planned maintenance worth it?
  • When to repair vs. replace a forklift
  • How to calculate true cost of ownership
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