4 Questions to Ask to Get the Full Value of Full Maintenance

by Lance Landeche, on Jan 27, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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Upgrading to a full maintenance service plan for your forklift fleet can often be a boon for up-time, safe operation, time-savings, and dramatically reduce overall costs of maintenance. However, it’s important that your business fully understands that all Full Maintenance programs aren’t created equally. If you are considering full maintenance options, ask these four questions to get clear about the value created by full maintenance plans you are considering.

1. How quickly will my repairs be completed?

Does your full maintenance plan define how long repairs will take? Extended repairs can harm your business productivity. Will you need to provide replacement equipment to offset downtime or will your service provider give you a free rental? Keeping your equipment running is essential for keeping your business productive and profitable - any strong full maintenance plan should make a full commitment to your vehicles’ repairs.

2. Is there a warranty on parts and labor?

Warranties on parts and labor give peace of mind for forklift owners that demand the best quality of repairs. Some more affordable maintenance plans may use will-fit parts or offer shorter warranties. Take the opportunity cost of lower-rate plans into account when choosing your full maintenance provider - what money you may save on parts and labor may cost you 100 times as much should an aftermarket part fail. Reputable service providers stand by the quality of their parts and labor. 

3. Is my equipment uptime guaranteed?

This goes beyond how long it will take to complete repairs. How will your business fill in gaps when your equipment needs more extensive service? Will your operations stop entirely or does your full maintenance plan provide rentals to cover your business? Again, consider the opportunity cost of cheaper plans that may not keep your equipment covered. How will you keep your business running?

4. How do I optimize forklift replacement cycles?

Is your fleet management an afterthought? Smart business manager pay close attention to this statistic to ensure that their forklift fleets are economically effective. A reputable full maintenance service provider will work with your business to help optimize your replacement cycle if frequent repairs are becoming too costly. Full maintenance plans can also sometimes provide valuable insights into the types of repairs needed most frequently to help solve problems with your workspace or operators. By applying these analytics to your business practices you can save money in the long run and keep your workers safer

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to Get the Full Value of Full Maintenance

Full maintenance service plans can solve a lot of headaches for businesses. However, it’s important to assess the potential value with clear eyes - not all full maintenance service plans are created equally. If you think a full maintenance service plan might be right for your business, contact us. The talented maintenance pros at Southern States Toyotalift are committed to keeping your fleet in top condition. Our Total Care Protection plan provides the best full maintenance service on the market to keep your forklift running and your business productive. Call us today to see the SST Total Care difference. 

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