Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Want to maintain an all electric fleet, but need a rugged, outdoor solution? Look no further than Toyota’s Electric Pneumatic Forklift. Powerful and rugged enough to perform similar to internal combustion counterparts, but running off a battery, Toyota’s Electric Pneumatic Forklift maintains clean air and low maintenance, but supports powerful, outdoor, traditionally IC applications.

Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift for sale
Toyota electric forklift model
Length to Forkface
89.9 - 120.9 in
Toyota electric pneumatic forklift specs
Overhead Guard Height
87.2 - 92.9 in
Toyota forklift dealer
Overall Width
47 - 56.7 in
Load Capacity

4,000 - 11,000 LB.

Travel Speed Full Load
11 - 11.8 MPH


Used indoors and out, this versatile electric forklift is a great option for mid-sized loads.

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Industries: Lumber, Brick, Block & Pipe, Retail
This forklift is recommended for use in lumber yards.
This forklift is recommended for use in the brick, block and pipe industry.
This forklift is recommended for use in the retail industry.

Quality, Durability & Reliability 

  • UL-E conformity
  • 80 Volt electrical System
  • AC Induction Drive and Lift Motors
  • 3-way hydraulic control valve
  • Digital multifunction display
  • Regenerative Braking
  • AC Controller with MOSFET Design
  • Transistor controlled AC lift & drive Motors
Close up photo of forklift chair for Toyota's electric pneumatic model.

Ease of Service

  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • AC Hydraulic motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • Easy access no-tools floorboard
  • Battery compartment hood assist
  • Planned Maintenance Indicator
  • Can-bus controller wiring
Electric forklift for outdoor use.

Operator Comfort & Productivity

Key Safety Features

System of Active Stability (SAS) Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
Double-Action Parking Brake
Electric Horn
Overhead Guard 

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ORS Non-Suspension Vinyl Seat
Retractable Seat Belt (Non-Clinching)
Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat
Memory Tilt Steering Column

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